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slice sabre FAQs

What is a Slice Sabre?

The Slice Sabre is an awesome pizza cutter with custom handle for awesome grip and an extra deep cutting wheel to slice straight through your Deep Dish!

What is a Super Slice Sabre?

The Super Slice Sabre is an awesome pizza cutter with an extra deep wheel to slice straight through your Deep Dish, a precision cutting beam to ensure the perfect slice and awesome sound effects! It also features a detachable wheel for easy cleaning.

How do I get my free Slice Sabre?

To claim your free Slice Sabre you simply collect codes from special promotional packs of Chicago Town Deep Dish pizzas. (Promotional packs show the Slice Sabre cutting through a Deep Dish on the front.) Then enter the codes online, it’s that easy!

What are codes and how do they work?

One unique code can be collected from the inside of each participating Chicago Town Deep Dish promotional pack. The code is 8 characters long and is a mixture of numbers and letters.

Where is my code?

The codes are available on Deep Dish Slice Sabre promotional packs only and are printed in red ink on the inside of the box. The code is printed in the center of one of the larger panels of the box, so you will need to carefully open the box fully in order to find it.

How many codes do I need?

You will need to collect 5 codes for the Slice Sabre and 9 codes for the Super Slice Sabre.

Can I enter my code more than once?

No, each promotional code can only be entered once.

What information do I need to sign up?

To sign up, all we need is your email address. When you’ve collected enough codes we will need a postal address so that we can send you your Slice Sabre straight to your door!

Do I need a printer to take part in this promotion?

No, you do not need to print anything out to claim your Slice Sabre.

Is the laser beam safe?

Yes. The laser in the Super Slice Sabre is a category 1 laser, which means it is safe for use in all situations.

My computer/the website crashed while I was claiming my Slice Sabre. How will I know if I have made a successful claim?

To check if your claim has been successful, you can log back into your account and check the number of codes you have "banked". If the number of codes you have banked has not reduced, then your order will not have been placed. You should receive an email to say you have successfully redeemed.

Are Slice Sabres dishwasher safe?

The Slice Sabre (5 codes) is dishwasher safe. For the Super Slice Sabre (9 codes), only the removable blade section is dishwasher safe. The handle must not be washed but wiped clean with a damp cloth.

I still have my codes but the promotion has closed, can I still claim my Slice Sabre?

No, any codes that are not entered by the 31st March 2015 will become invalid.

I’ve entered the wrong address details?

Please contact

How will my Slice Sabre be delivered?

Your Slice Sabre will be flown in via spaceship straight to your door. Ok, not really but we can dream! It will actually be delivered by post in a box contained in a plastic Mailbag.

Will the Slice Sabre fit through my letter box?

Yes they have been specifically designed to fit through your letter box.

Is there an age restriction to claim a Slice Sabre?

Yes, you must be 18 years old to take part in this promotion. The Slice Sabre is not a toy.

Can I buy a Slice Sabre?


Can I exchange my Slice Sabre for another gift/cash alternative?

Your Slice Sabre can not be substituted for another gift or cash alternative.

What are the terms and conditions of this promotion?

Full terms and conditions can be found here


For all other queries please contact