Al Foran

Watch: the Devastating Effects of "Takeaway Trauma"

Stars fall foul to recently identified condition caused by stress of ordering a takeaway.

TAKEAWAY TRAUMA is spreading fast, and legendary impersonator Al Foran has shown how the condition has affected Jose Mourinho, Gordon Ramsay and Wayne Rooney.

The trio have been captured on camera experiencing the full-blown effects of the condition caused by ordering a takeaway, which features four stages: fidgety, anxious, irate and lost.

In partnership with Chicago Town, biomedical academics from the University of Wolverhampton conducted scientific research which found that, following the initial joy and excitement of placing a takeaway order, the average heart rate increased from a baseline or relaxed 70 BPM to 87 BPM,

Similarly, tense arousal scores - or stress levels - saw an increase with the length of time that participants waited for an order from a baseline 17.25 to 18.38 BPM.

Following the research, the frozen pizza brand launched The Chicago Town Takeaway Live Response Unit, which were on hand to alleviate the symptoms of Takeaway Trauma by providing pizza, a chef, and all tools required to help the victims.

Mourinho, Ramsay and Rooney were all unavailable for comment, but impersonator Al Foran said: β€œTakeaway Trauma can affect even the coolest customer, as has been shown by my impressions of Jose, Gordon and Wayne.

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