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For Pizza’s Sake! Milton Keynes Identified as the Takeaway Trauma Capital of the UK

  • Brits spend £28,420 on takeaways in a lifetime
  • Blackpool identified as the town least likely to suffer
  • Chicago Town gives away 10,000 takeaway pizzas to grateful Milton Keynes and Swindon residents as an antidote to Takeaway Trauma

Milton Keynes is the worst place to order a takeaway in the UK, new research has revealed.

The study* cross-referenced the number of outlets available to the takeaway buying population with online reviews to create an index of the best and worst places to order a takeaway in the UK.

With 0.74 takeaway outlets per 1000 residents (184 takeaway shops for 248,821 residents) and an average trustpilot score of just 2.4 out of 5, the Buckinghamshire town has been singled out as the most likely to suffer from disappointing deliveries.

Following Milton Keynes, the other trauma hotspots list are Swindon (0.77 per 1000), Colchester (0.80 per 1000) and Maidstone (0.84 per 100), according to Chicago Town.

In contrast, the areas least likely to suffer are Blackpool with a whopping 2.2 per 1,000, Burnley with 1.79 per 1000 and, Scarborough with 1.77 per 1000.

Food for thought as consumers consider ordering a takeaway while enjoying the World Cup.  It’s a situation we’re all too familiar with: late delivery, the driver going the wrong way, the wrong order or disappointing quality. All these factors lead to Takeaway Trauma.

The news follows scientific research that identified the stress of ordering and waiting for a takeaway as an actual condition; Takeaway Trauma.

A University of Wolverhampton study, in partnership with Chicago Town, found that the average heart rate increased from a baseline or relaxed 70 BPM to 87 BPM in the period following ordering a pizza, while tense arousal scores - or stress levels - saw an increase with the length of time that participants waited for an order from a baseline 17.25 to 18.38 BPM.

The experiment by the University’s biomedical sciences department involved participants ordering and waiting for a takeaway pizza while wearing heart rate monitors to measure pulse fluctuations, as well as monitoring stress levels using the psychometric questionnaire, the UMACL, which measures tense arousal scores.

Behavioural Expert Darren Stanton, who analysed the results of the experiment, classified the condition in four stages: fidgety, anxious, irate and lost.

To save residents of Milton Keynes and Swindon from Takeaway Trauma, Chicago Town recently gave out 10,000 samples in the town centres.

Robbie Savage & Sam Quek

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